Privacy Policy of Purchasing Platform

  • In this Privacy Policy, capitalized phrases are given the meanings ascribed to them by the Definitions indicated in § 1 of the Terms and Conditions of the Shopping Platform.

  • The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to define the actions taken by the Host, with regard to personal data collected through the Platform, services and tools, used during the User’s use of the Platform, including when creating an Account, making a Purchase, subscribing to a newsletter

  • The Host respects the privacy of Users, in particular, protects the processed Personal Data of Buyers. This Privacy Policy is intended to clarify the Host’s processing of personal data in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Platform, to adapt the Platform, its design and its offerings to the expectations, needs and behavior of Users, and to meet its obligations under the law.

  • By accessing any of the Platform’s websites or beginning to browse its content, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

  • The Host, in the event that the Buyer provides it with Personal Data, will process it in accordance with the law, primarily in accordance with the RODO and this Privacy Policy.

  • The Administrator of the Personal Data is the Host: SPONN DESIGN Renata Zielonka, business address 11 Dzikiej Róży Street, 05-180 Wymysły. NIP: 7582129740, REGON: 363093836, e-mail:

  • Users voluntarily provide their Personal Data to the extent consistent with their need to use the resources of the Platform. This data is stored in the resources of the Platform for processing in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

  • The acquisition and processing of Personal Data acquired by the Administrator is carried out for the purpose of:
    a) ensure the proper conduct of the Purchase Process on the Platform and enable the effective conclusion of the sales agreement (Purchase of Products) between the Seller and the Buyer via the Platform and its execution by both parties, including the communication to the Seller of the necessary information regarding the Purchase, the Buyer’s person (name, e-mail, telephone number), Delivery address and Payments necessary for the Seller to perform all activities and obligations related to the Purchase, including the Delivery of the purchased Products, issuance of the purchase document (invoice, bill), communication with the Buyer, fulfillment of information obligations to the Buyer and other obligations of the Seller resulting from the Purchase;

    (b) e registration and documentation of the terms and conditions of sales contracts (Purchases) concluded through the Platform and making them available to the parties to that contract (Seller and Buyer) for the purpose of determining the content of the contract, its due performance by both parties, including the exercise of warranty and guarantee rights;

    c) provide Registered Buyers with higher functionality of the Platform, including access to the history of Purchases made, the possibility of tracking their status, remembering the Products added to the shopping cart.

  • In particular, the Administrator obtains and processes the following Personal Data:

    1) Data obtained during Account registration and the way they are processed

    a) In order to become a Registered Buyer, the User, in the course of creating an Account, fills out a registration form in which he or she voluntarily provides his or her: name, surname, e-mail address and an access password to log into the account. Provision of this data is necessary to establish an Account. The administrator acquires the aforementioned data when the user clicks the “Register” button.

    b) The email address provided in this mode is processed for communication between the Host of the Platform and the User regarding the use of the Platform, including activation of the Account, maintenance of the correct functionality of the Account, changing the access password and informing the User of the change of such password, as well as communication related to the User’s activity on the Platform and the availability of the Platform’s functionality for the User, in particular communication related to a completed Purchase and its execution, including informing the Buyer of the completion of the Purchase and a change in the status of its execution.

    2) Data obtained from the Buyer in the course of the Purchase Process and the manner of their processing

    a) In the course of the Purchase Process, the Buyer voluntarily provides and the Administrator acquires the following data regarding the delivery of the Products covered by the Purchase: name, surname, e-mail, telephone, delivery address and, if the box “I need a VAT invoice” is checked, also the data needed to issue a VAT invoice. Provision of this data is necessary in order to make a Purchase on the Platform.

    (b) In addition, in the course of the Purchase Process, the Administrator acquires the following data for each completed Purchase: the date of the Purchase, the Products covered by the Purchase, the Price of such Products, the Cost of their Delivery, the Form of Payment selected by the Buyer, and the Method of Delivery and Payment status. The above data is acquired by the Administrator when the “Buy and Pay” button is clicked.

    c) The above data is displayed in the tab of each “Order” on the Account of a Registered Buyer and is provided to the Seller (displayed on the Platform page in the panel of the Store where the Purchase was made), in order to make known to the Seller the necessary data to perform all activities and its obligations related to the Purchase, including the Delivery of the purchased Products, the issuance of a sales document (invoice, bill), communication with the Buyer and the fulfillment of information obligations to the Buyer and other obligations of the Seller resulting from the Purchase.

    (d) The data indicated in lit. (a) and (b) above are also included in the message informing the Buyer of his/her Purchase, sent to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer in the course of the Purchase Process. Information on changes by the Seller to the status of the order, e.g. to “shipped”, is also delivered to the e-mail address indicated by the Buyer.
  • Legal basis for the Administrator’s processing of Personal Data:
    (a) Art. 6 paragraph. 1 lit. (b) RODO, to the extent that the processing of the data obtained by the Administrator is necessary for the performance of the sales contract (Purchase) concluded between the Buyer and the Seller through the Platform;

    (b) Art. 6 paragraph. 1 lit. a) RODO – the Buyer’s consent to the use of his Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, expressed during the registration of the Account or in the course of the Purchase Process;

    (c) Art. 6 paragraph. 1(f). RODO – for direct marketing i.e. when the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator (e.g., sending marketing information) and the interests and fundamental rights of the entitled persons will not be violated.
  • Processing time for Personal Data.

    a) with respect to an Unregistered Buyer – 1 (one) year after the expiration of the warranty and guarantee period provided for the Products purchased by the Buyer under the last Purchase;

    b) with respect to a Registered Buyer, 1 (one) year after the expiration of the warranty and guarantee period provided for the Products purchased by the Registered Buyer under the last Purchase or until the Registered Buyer deletes the Account on the Platform, whichever comes later;

    (c) with respect to Purchases of the Buyer in respect of which a dispute was initiated before the expiration of the time limit indicated in letter (c). (a) or b) above – 1 year after the Administrator becomes aware of the final resolution of the dispute.
  • Recipients of Data: Data may be made available to persons (also businesses) providing services to the Administrator (their subcontractors), m. in. in connection with the performance of technology and IT support services (for example, support of the website and other Platform systems used by the Host to provide services to the Buyer and Seller), services related to the optimization of our order fulfillment processes in the online store, providing cloud services and an online store management platform, accounting services, legal consulting, marketing agencies. The administrator will have an appropriate agreement with such persons, consistent with the requirements of the RODO. Unless sharing, data will be transferred based on a data entrustment agreement for processing. The entity obtaining the data will be obliged to maintain confidentiality. The data may be disclosed to competent authorities or third parties who make a request for such information on the appropriate legal basis and in accordance with the provisions of applicable law
  • Buyer’s Rights: The Buyer by providing Personal Data has the following rights:

    a) the right to request from the Administrator access to the content of your data – Art. 15 RODO,

    (b) the right to rectify data – Art. 16 RODO,

    (c) the right to erasure, the “right to be forgotten,” Art. 17 RODO,

    (d) the right to restrict processing-art. 18 RODO,

    e) The right to object to processing, in the case of direct marketing – Art. 21 RODO,

    (f) the right to data portability – Art. 20 RODO,

    (g) The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – Art. 77 RODO, i.e. To the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw
    (h) when processing is based on consent, the right to withdraw consent at any time, although this does not affect the lawfulness of processing carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

    NOTE: The buyer has the right to withdraw consent in a manner of his choice, in a way that will not be burdensome to him and which will be as easy for him as giving consent. Notwithstanding his/her rights under the RODO, an Eligible Person may withdraw his/her consent to send commercial (marketing) information by electronic means (Art. 4 (1) pt. 2 in connection with Article 10 of the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means). You can withdraw your consent, object or exercise other rights indicated above by sending your request to the Administrator’s e-mail address:
  • The platform uses cookies. They are saved and stored on the User’s terminal device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) by the Platform websites that the User browses.
  • The platform uses the following cookies:

    (a) Necessary – cookies that enable the use of basic Platform functions, such as user login or account management. Without the necessary cookies, you cannot use the Platform properly. Entering the Platform website and starting to use its resources is tantamount to accepting this category of cookies.

    (b) Marketing – Marketing cookies used mainly for marketing and advertising purposes on websites. Their main purpose is to track users’ activities on websites and collect information about their behavior, in order to provide them with personalized advertising content subsequently, in accordance with the built profile of their interests and preferences. For the use of marketing files by the Platform, the Buyer’s consent is required. By giving such consent, it will allow the Buyer’s Personal Data to be shared with third parties engaged in personalized advertising and promotion, including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google and Meta.

    (c) Analytical – Analytical cookies are a type of cookie used primarily to collect data on user behavior on websites. The main purpose of these files is to analyze and report data in order to understand how users use the site and how it can be improved. Analytics includes data such as the number of visitors, the source of traffic on the Platform, the time spent on each page of the Platform and other statistics. For the use of analytics files by the Platform, the Buyer’s consent is required. By giving such consent, you will be able to share the data you collect with third parties, including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google and Meta.

    (d) Personalization – Personalization cookies are a type of cookie used to provide personalized user experiences on websites. The main purpose of these files is to customize content, features and interactions on the site to your individual preferences and needs. For the use of personalization cookies by the Platform, the Buyer’s consent is required.
  • The extent of the use of cookies each Platform User can set in the start window displayed after entering the Platform website.
  • In order to accept only the necessary cookies necessary to use only the basic functions of the Platform, select the “Reject All” button
  • In order to accept all cookies (marketing, analytics and pesonalization) used by the Platform, select the “Accept all” button
  • By expanding the sections on each category of cookies, you can agree to only certain categories of cookies.
  • Managing the storage of cookies on the User’s device is possible from the web browser used by the User. The user has the ability to change the settings for accepting or rejecting all or certain types of cookies, such as managing to inform the user whenever the website attempts to store cookies on his/her device. Changes to the settings of these files by restricting their use may affect some of the functionality available on websites that use them.
  • Cookies that have already been stored on the User’s device can also be deleted at any time. The management and deletion of cookies looks different in different web browsers, hence for detailed information in this regard, please refer to the help pages of the respective browser. Below we indicate how to change the cookie settings of the most popular search engines:

    a) Google Chrome: Menu > Settings > Privacy and security – select the appropriate option.

    b) Internet Explorer: Menu > Settings > Cookies and site permissions – select the appropriate option.

    (c) Mozilla Firefox: Menu > Preferences > Privacy and security > Cookies and site data – select the appropriate option.

    (d) Opera: Menu > Settings > Privacy and security – select the appropriate option.

    e) Safari: Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies – select the appropriate option.

  • Right to Object: In connection with the intention to process Personal Data for marketing purposes, the Administrator indicates that at any time the User has the right to object to the processing of data for such purposes. In the event of an objection, the Administrator will not process the data unless there are valid legitimate grounds for the Administrator in relation to the User’s data that override the User’s interests, rights and freedoms, or the User’s data are necessary for the Administrator to possibly establish, assert or defend claims.